Me Prathama Wasanthayai Chords:Sanath Nandasiri Songs and Guitar Music

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Me Prathama Wasanthayai Song Chords

SongMe Prathama Wasanthayai
Singer(s)Sanath Nandasiri
Time signature4/4
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Gm | - | F | - |
Bb | - | Gm| - |
Eb | - | F | F7|
Gm | - | G | C |
F  | Dm|Gm | - |
Gm     F        Dm         Gm|Eb
May... prathama wasanthayai
Em               F
Divi arane, madu mal pipena
      C        Dm Gm
Bingu rewu negena....
Eb      F        F7      Gm
Mey.... prathama wasanthayai
[Inter 1 & 2]
Gm | - | F  | -  |
Bb | - | Gm | -  |
Gm | D+| Bb | Am |
D7 | G | F  | G  |
[Verse 1]
      G          B7      Em        G
Tharu meawena thura, nidibara ambare
      Gm         Eb      Bb       Gm
Sandu neagena thura, sitiyadi andure
                     F    F7 Dm|Eb
Oba supun sandak sey paya...
Wasanthayak vee awea
[Verse 2]
      G        B7       Em       G
Sitha pawasa dara, miringuwa atharea
     Gm        Eb      Bb        Gm
Diya pahasa patha, sitiyadi kathare
                    F    F7 Dm/Eb
Oba sihil dolak see pavee...
Wasanthayak vee awea

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