Ananthayen Aa Tharu Kumara Chords:Rukshan Thiwanka Songs and Guitar Music

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Ananthayen Aa Tharu Kumara Song Chords

SongAnanthayen Aa Tharu Kumara
Singer(s)Rukshan Thiwanka
Time Signature4/4
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|Em  |Bm  |C  |D  |G  |
|Em  |Bm  |C  |D  |G  |

|Am  |D   |

        Am          D            Em
Ananthen piyamba awidin tharukumara
         Am         D             Em
Ananthen piyamba awidin tharu kumara

       C     D           Em
E athmaye de.. api wen wunath...
C           Am  D  Bm         Em       
Pasu pasama awa... obe ruwa soya...

        Am          D            Em
Ananthen piyamba awidin tharukumara

|Em  |Bm  |C   |D  |G  |
|C   |Bm  |Am  |D  |Em |
[Verse ]
   G          Bm         D                    Em
Aadaraye suli sulange ma patalenne obe ruwa soya
   G           Bm           D                 Em
ii paharin samugaththe mage pana reka dennai oya
   Am        G           Bm            D
Ipadenne newathath ma washiyen numbe aadaren
    Am         G           Bm  C         Em
Kawadawath ida na den kandulen wen wanna nam
    Em             D       C         B7
You are my destiny destiny destiny baby... //
      C      D    Em
ohhoo oho... oo...

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