Suwanda Dena Mal Wane Chords:Rookantha Gunathilaka Songs and Guitar Music

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Suwanda Dena Mal Wane Song Chords

SongSuwanda Dena Mal Wane
Singer(s)Rookantha Gunathilaka
Time Signature4/4
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| C#m | B    | F# | Bbmaj7 | 
| E   | -    | A  |   B    |
| E   | Esus4| E  |

            F#m      Ab  A(barre Chord sounds better...)    C#m
Suwada dena mal wane   bigun                            bedila
            F#m      Ab   A      C#m
Kadulu bidu nil nuwan   pura redila
        Ab   A      Ab   
Obe lamede sene medure
  A       Ab B then Slide pinky to Emajor note and back to D# note
susum negila
            F#m      Ab  A       C#m
Suwada dena mal wane   bigun bedila
            F#m      Ab   A      C#m
Kadulu bidu nil nuwan   pura redila
[Verse 1]
E    A    E    A  E    A     F#m
Me nura sede kale so susum hela

F#m  B    A    B  B7          E Esus4 E
Etha tharaka diha nil nuwan yoma

   A    E     A  E  A    F#m
E obe supemwatha evido bala

F#m  B     A    B  B7(on 4th fret)   E  Esus4
Ne pale thevi hada wedana          dara

C#m F#m   Ab7 B and Slide...
Wedana  dara
[Verse 2]
E    A    E   A  E    A     F#m
Me lowe dinu ape jeevithe keti

F#m B    A     B  B7(on 4th fret)   E  Esus4 E
Kalaye rahas wasa jeevithe        galai

E    A      E    A    E     A    F#m
Me kuluth piya sala kulin kule redei

F#m B   A    B   B7(on 4th fret)   E  Esus4
Aadare ama hegum ma sithe        negei

C#m  F#m   Ab7 B and Slide...
Ma sithe negei

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