Reta Man Chords:Romesh and Lakshan Songs and Guitar Music

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Reta Man Song Chords

SongReta Man
Singer(s)Romesh and Lakshan
Time Signature4/4
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D        Em 
Rata man sihinen awidin
G         A
Rahasak kiyannam
D      Em
Aadare dothin genawith
G          A
Oba hata pudannam
Bm      F#m    
Nindema semada hindinnam
Em          A  
Oba langa indinam
G        F#m     G             A
Paata ge heenaye dethol man simbinnam

[Verse 1]
D               Em        G      A
Me prema paare, piyamenna api denna
D              Em          G     A
Sihine sadadi, oya thurule man unna
G        F#m  Em       A
Me mal nelala warale gasala
G         F#m      G         A
Nil ahase oba ekka piyamba giya man

[Verse 2]
Same chord progression as Verse 1

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