Oba Nethi Me Reyata Chords:Nanda Malani Songs and Guitar Music

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Oba Nethi Me Reyata Song Chords

SongOba Nethi Me Reyata
Singer(s)Nanda Malani
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|Esus4  |F   | 
|Esus4  |-   |

Oba nethi me reyata 
Dm                    G
Purasanda eliya kumatada
Am        Dm    
Oba nethi me bimata
G        Dm            Am
Nalamudu suwanda kumatada
C        G             Am
Nalamudu suwanda kumatada //

[verse 1]
Am      Dm          Am
Maha kandara wewata sanda wetila
G      Dm        Am
Diye gileya wikalwee
Thuru hisa haadu didi un kurulun
Am     G         Am  G  E  Am
Kohe gihinda igilli

[Inter 1]
|Am  |-   |Em  |-  |
|D7  |Em  |Am  |-  |
|-   |-   |G   |-  |
|Dm  |G   |Am  |-  |

[Inter 2]
|Am  |-  |E7  |-  |
|Dm  |-  |Am  |-  |
|G7  |-  |Em  |-  |
|Am /G /Em / C    |
|Am  |-  |

[Verse 2]
Am      Dm         Am
Hamuwee asata asak nagu pahan
G       Dm         Am
Niwee giyada no kalhi
Sundara rathriyama mawetha sithin
Am      G          Am  G  E  Am
Bala hindiwi nosel wee

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