Kiyanna Kiyanna Chords:Nadeeka Jayawardana Songs and Guitar Music

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Kiyanna Kiyanna Song Chords

SongKiyanna Kiyanna
Singer(s)Nadeeka Jayawardana
Time Signature4/4
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Transpose these notes, tabs and guitar chords into a different key:
A | E | F#m | E
D | E |  A  | A7 

A       E    F#m E
Kiyanna kiyanna
           D   E         A
Hada randi de,   maa samage
A        E    F#m E
Kiyanna, kiyanna
          D  E     A
Athi sama de, risi se 

A | - | D | - |
Bm| - | E | E7|
A | - | D | - |
Bm| - | E | E7|

[Verse 1]
A                     D
Hada pura aadare, obatai ida hadawathe
   Bm                     E
Diswei muthuwan sina, denuwan yuga langa mage
        D                    F#m
Manmath sitha pura, kelanmbe wedana hagum
    Bm                  E7    
Nodeni ea aeasilla, kiyawe oba nama horen 

[Verse 2]
     A                 D
Nidi wara jeewithe, ma gethu geethaye 
    Bm                     E
Dawatei oba kee wadan, desawan uga langa mage
          D                F#m
Suduwan pitu pura, bihiwei gee obe namin
    Bm                    E7
Nositha ea pitu kone, liyawei oba nama horen

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