Adare Ran Bingun Nesu Chords:Mervin Perera Songs and Guitar Music

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Adare Ran Bingun Nesu Song Chords

SongAdare Ran Bingun Nesu
Singer(s)Mervin Perera
Time signature4/4
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A  | - | - | D | 
D  |F#m| E | A |
D  | D | E |A7 |
A7 | - | - | - |
A/E| A | - | - | 

A  | - | E | D | 
D  | E | E | A |
A7 | - | - | - |
E  | A |A7 | A | 

A         A7      D
Adare ran bingu nasu
E            E7     A
Bandura mala obai lande
A         A7      D
Adare ran bigun nesu
E                   E7     A
Kapuru mala oba thamai lande 

[Verse 1]
A                      Bm
Galana gangulak lesin dutu
E              E7     A
Obai miringuwa muwan nesu //
G               D    
Rasaya athikara panak nesu 
E              E7     A
Obai panibinda wisak musu 

[Verse 2]
A                       Bm
Ruduru lesa kelabila hengum
E              E7      A
Sulaga oba wei pahan niwu //
G             D
Lewan kiiwath lande ese
E               E7     A
Supun sanda oba thamai mage

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