Me Nihada Bawa Bidinna Chords:Krishantha Erandaka Songs and Guitar Music

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Me Nihada Bawa Bidinna Song Chords

SongMe Nihada Bawa Bidinna
Singer(s)Krishantha Erandaka
Time Signature3/4
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G  | Em  | C | G

G   Em  C  G...

G                 Em
Me nihanda bawa bidenna
      C             G
Thawa monawa hari kiyanna
    B             C
Oya neth agin sinasee
   Am       G       
Ma diha dan balanna

[Verse 1]
    G         C
Oba magemai kiyanna
     A7            G
Mata aithi natha sithanna
    Am       G#   Am   F
Oba patha thawenna...
     D          G
Mata susum na helanna

[Verse 2]
    G           C
Dan langai hiru nagenna
      A7          G
Thara warak ma sibinna
     Am  G#   Am  F  
MAta aadare ai.......
    D           G
Eka warakwath kiyanna

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