Sangawanna Epa Hasarel Chords:Karunarathna Diwulgane Songs and Guitar Music

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Sangawanna Epa Hasarel Song Chords

SongSangawanna Epa Hasarel
Singer(s)Karunarathna Diwulgane
Time Signature4/4
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| Gm | - | - | - |
| Dm | - |Gm | - |
| -  | - | - | - | 
| F  |Dm | Eb|Gm | 

Gm         F       Gm
Saga wanna epa hasarel 
dal wanna epa ginidal
obama kere sitha 
badunu dine sita
         Dm     Gm
magema hage oba nam
[Verse 2]
     F       Dm    Gm
sada eliya wage avidin 
     F       Dm         Gm
hada nopathu dinaka rahasin 
     Gm                 Eb
basa noyan mathitha ahasin
     F          Dm      Gm
Atha powanu nohaki durakin 

| F | Dm | Eb | Gm |

[Verse 2]
     F      Dm       Gm
sili siliya pawa sulagin 
      F       Dm     Gm
thani makuwa obe suwadin 
      Gm               Eb
mee diviya athara magakin 
   F          Dm       Gm
ma nathara nokata hinahen

| F | Dm | Eb | Gm |

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