Paaya Negi Ewi (Sepalika) Chords:Karunarathna Diwulgane Songs and Guitar Music

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Paaya Negi Ewi (Sepalika) Song Chords

SongPaaya Negi Ewi (Sepalika)
Singer(s)Karunarathna Diwulgane
Time signature3/4
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Payaa nagee ewi Ranthaarakaa
G         C        Em      Am
Maa haa sinaawenne naa aadaren
Dm              C
Dedunna se aa maki wenwelaa
G                 C     Am
Naada thutin inna Sepalikaa
Am        G     Am
Sepalikaa Sepalikaa


[Verse 1]
Am                  G
Denuwan wasee aatha tharuneth makee
F       G          C       Dm             Am
Thaniwa Handanaa Raye......Hadata dee wedanaa//
Dm                 C
Ekwee lagin inna - Lanwee sinaasenna
G                    C     Am
Dura aatha sita enna Sepalikaa
Am    F   G     Am
Sepalikaa Sepalikaa

[Verse 2]
Am                 G
Raa meedume penuna tharumal lese
F          G        C       Dm             Am
Obe neth pahan dalwune......Hadata dee wedanaa//
Dm                 C
-Kandula pisalanna -Sathuta thaweranna
G                   C     Am
Suwendak lesin enna Sepalikaa
Am    F   G     Am
Sepalikaa Sepalikaa

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