Gahaka Mal Pipila Chords:Karunarathna Diwulgane Songs and Guitar Music

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Gahaka Mal Pipila Song Chords

SongGahaka Mal Pipila
Singer(s)Karunarathna Diwulgane
Time signature4/4
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|-     |G   |-  |D/Eb |
|Caug  |Bm  |-  |A7   |
|D7    |G   |-  |-    |
|-     |G   |C  |D    |
|-     |D   |G  |

G      Ebaug   Em
GAhaka mal pipila
        C            Am
Pipinne aida nodannemi
D               F#m
HIthaka mal pipila pipenne
  D7        G
Aida nodannemi
G      Ebaug      Em         
Nubata sitha bandune kimai ma
C              Am
Thawama nodannemi
D                  F#m
Numbata hitha badi kaarane ma
D7             G
thavama soyannemi

[Verse 1]
Kathare wali kata hiruta pem banda
       G7     C
Athath lo dahamen
D               Am
Sonduru wassata dawena katharath
D7           G
Aadarei pana men
G      Am               G
Lowata nopenena aruma senehasa
Am  G      D
E wagei manaram
         Am      G
Karanu bari tharanam

[Verse 2]
Sandata sadahata sene pa muth
         G7     C
Udula tharu katayam
D                Am
HIruta pem bandi ekata tharuwak
D7              G
Sitiya nohekida yam
G       Am             G
Numbata nohagena mage premaya
Am  G       D
E wagei manaram
       Am        G
Puduma wei numba nam

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