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Sulangata Kalin Song Chords

SongSulangata Kalin
Time Signature4/4
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D                             A
Sulangata kalin pawee lassana male
G                        D
Wassane numba hinda handuwa
D7                      G
awapasa durin paya yali jeewithe
C                    D
nodanunu suwandak ma sewwa

[Verse 1]
     C                   D
Sithuwili manaram ahasa aran
    C                     D
oba ma hamu we sanahe saradam
     Bm              G
mal kemi athare sangawa rahase
     A                          Asus4
mage sitha gayuwe noliyu geeyak

[Verse 2]
    C                       D
samanala sihinen enneda siyothun
   C                  D
arune igilee yannata ayeth
    Bm               G
apa piyawi lowe nathuwada pahase
    A                            Asus4
natuwe bara wee rathu rosa malak

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