Dasa Pa Sina Chords:Irene De Alwis Songs and Guitar Music

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Dasa Pa Sina Song Chords

SongDasa Pa Sina
Singer(s)Irene De Alwis
Time Signature3/4
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Dasa pa sina

Kiyana rahasa teruna
            A7        E
Pem lowak depa mule mawa demi..
A          D           A
Ada wage hetath obe langin imi..

[Verse 1]
A               D
Taruna Jewite.. Mee wage rasai ..
E               A
Maa aluth une.. sudu oya nisai ..
A7        D                     A
Ma depa tabanne oba depa tabu bimai
A             A7           E
Obage sulanga ragena ena sulan sapai
A         D            A
Dasa mage math keru hangum yasai..

Dasa pa sina ..

[Verse 2]
A                 D
Mahada pem wile.. Mal pipi sale
E             A
Apage adare.. taru pahan dile..
A7          D                    A
Surangana lowak bala hemin piyasala
A             A7            E
Sihina lowata ragena yami turul wela
A          D          A
enna yanna dan itin piyambalaa..

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