Sulan Kurullo Chords:Haroon Lanthra Songs and Guitar Music

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Sulan Kurullo Song Chords

SongSulan Kurullo
Singer(s)Haroon Lanthra
Time signature4/4
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 Sulan Kurullo hemin igilli
F                G       C
 Mal suwadaki ara gena enne 
      F              C
Adara uyane doratuwa aragena 
              G         C
Ochcham karamin piyambanne
Sulan Kurullo hemin igilli...

[Verse 1]
C                   F       G 
 Seena pothe... pituwak perali etha 
C                 G      C
 Monawada ehi liyawee aththe //
G  C    G   C    G   C 
Adare... Adare... Adare... 
G  C    G   C      G   C 
Adare... Adare... Adare... 

[Verse 2]
C                     F       G
 Mathaka lowe... dora agulu hari etha
C                 G      C
 Monawada ehi hirawee aththe //
G   C    G   C    G   C 
 Adare... Adare... Adare... 
G   C    G    C     G   C 
 Adare... Adare... Adare...

[Last Chorus]
 Sulan kurullo hemin igilli
F               G        C
 Mal suwadaki ara gena enne
        F               C
Egoda gode ethi seena vimaneta
            G      C
Me podi oruwe pawenne
Sulan kurullo hemin igilli...

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