Sonduru Lowata Mal Wahala Chords:H.R. Jothipala Songs and Guitar Music

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Sonduru Lowata Mal Wahala Song Chords

SongSonduru Lowata Mal Wahala
Singer(s)H.R. Jothipala
Time Signature3/4
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F              Bb    F
Sonduru lowata mal wehela
            Bb     F
Thauthisawe hada mewila
Bb          Eb   F
Hegum pahan tharakaa
       Eb  F
Pemata payalaa 

[Verse 1]
Bb          C       F
Rosa malata hitha wetila
Bb            C    F
Bambaraku see ma soyala
Eatha indan aa...
Bb          C   F
Eatha indan aawadoo...
      Eb   F
Oba piyambalaa
F      Bb               F
Maa adaree.... paayan hadee..
    Bb       Eb       F
Maa adaree.. paayan hadee

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