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SongSelena Lelena
Singer(s)H.R. Jothipala
Time signature6/8
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Selena Lelena Chords

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[| Am  | E  | Am  | E  | Am  |]

Selena lelena daluwa wilasa
             G                F   E             Am
Nithamba nalola, nithamba nalola,  nithamba nalola
E ukulu mukulu kekulu kumudu
Dm        G              F  E           Am
Sinha nagala, sinaha nagala, sinaha nagala
Lin wathura piruna kalaya lalitha
           G              F  E           Am
Ukule thabala, ukule thabala, ukule thabala
Mal omari omari gamanata yana
Dm         G              F  E          Am 
Mata pitupala, mata pitupala, mata pitu paaala...

[Verse 1]
G                         Am
Ada sandai obe nalal thale penenne
     G                        Am
Rana monara pilai kes kalambe dilenne
A                D            A            D
Heda walalu athe damala, sili slilin silin nagala
     C          G            Am
Yana lathawatai  aadare mata hithenne

[Verse 2]
G                       Am
Me kela mage oba kohido upanne
      G                       Am
Ghana wananthare kothenakado adenne
    A            D
Aya bulath witak hapala
     A             D
Thol rathata rathe idila
   C                       Am
Ai menike mage hani hanike duwanne

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