Sara Sande Chords:H.R. Jothipala Songs and Guitar Music

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Sara Sande Song Chords

SongSara Sande
Singer(s)H.R. Jothipala
Time Signature3/4
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Gm   Eb     Gm    Bb    F  D    Gm|-|
Sara Sande Sinase - Gilihi  Vatila
Gm   Eb      Gm     Bb    F  D    Gm|-|
Vala Thale Obe Dase - Sinaha  Mawila
     Eb        F        D  D7      Gm|-|
Thanivee - Andure - Susume  - Velila

[Inter 1]
|Gm|- |Eb|- |
| D|- |- |Gm|
| -|Gm|- |Cm|
| -|Bb|- |F |
| -|Gm|F |Eb|
| -|

[Verse 1]
Gm              Cm            F    F7   Bb|-|
Vathiree Seetha Meedum Pawe - Hade Veedana//
Eb         Bb        F   D     Gm|-|
Handa Vate Eda Asu - Obe Geethika

Sara Sande...

[Inter 2]
|Gm|- |Eb|- |
| D|- |Gm|- |
|Gm|Eb|F |- |
|Eb|F |Gm|- |
|F |D |- |Gm|
| -|Gm|- |- |
|F |D |Gm| D|
|Gm|- |

[Verse 2]
Gm             Cm             F    F7   Bb|-|
Sangavee Aatha Me Hima Yaye - Kohe Pawela//
Eb         Bb          F    D   Gm|-|
Milana Vee Giyada Ee - Sina Vasana

Sara Sande....

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