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SongOba Dutu Muldine
Time signature4/4
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Oba Dutu Muldine Chords

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F  | C  | Bb  | Eb
Bb | C  | -   |

[Verse 1]
F          C
Oba dutu e mul dine
A           Dm
Siduwuu semade
Bb             C            F       C
Thawamath mage mathakayehi rende...
F             C      
Neth yuga maa desa yoma
A            Dm       
Mage miyulesiye
Bb         C            F  C
Kumak kiyannatada serasune

[Inter 1/2]
F  | C  | F  | Bb
Eb | F  | C  | F

[Verse 2]
F       C              A           Dm         
Kage kauruda kothenaka sitinawada oya
Bb           C          F  C    
Keleseda maa eya denaganne....
F         C              A          Dm   
Kawada koibadi yali hamu wewi dei kiya
Bb           C           F    C   
Penayaki maa sitha paaranne...

[Verse 3]
F             C       
Keti kota guwanata musukota
A            Dm     
Mage rasa hengum
Bb            C         F    C  
Oba wetha geeyakin ewannam....
F              C              A          Dm     
Mathu dinayaka mage denethata oba hamuwe nam
Bb            C          F                     
Edina newetha maa hinehennam

F   | C  | F  | Bb
Eb  | F  | C  | F

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