Ahasa Usata Nega Giyata Chords:Gunadasa Kapuge Songs and Guitar Music

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Ahasa Usata Nega Giyata Song Chords

SongAhasa Usata Nega Giyata
Singer(s)Gunadasa Kapuge
Time Signature6/8
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Ahasa usata naga giyata
Bb                Eb
Nahane ahase radenne
Ahase maliga thanuwath
Eb           Gm
Api polowe sitinne...//

[Verse 1]
Bb           Gm
Lamba kataye ath waruwa
Eb             Cm
Biththi dige naginne
Eb           Cm
Biththiya ihalata yanakota
Bb  F        Gm
Api podiyata penenne...//

[Verse 2]
Bb          Gm
Simenthi kandulin diyakara
Eb           Cm
Sath mahalai thananne
Eb         Cm
Palanchiye kiri kiriyai
Bb  F      Gm
Ape dukata hadanne...//

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