Gang Wathura Gala Chords:Edward Jayakody Songs and Guitar Music

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Gang Wathura Gala Song Chords

SongGang Wathura Gala
Singer(s)Edward Jayakody
Time Signature3/4
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    C             F           C         G
Gan wathura galaa uthuraa yai degoda thalaa
G      F      C            G       C 
Padimu padimu oruwa padimu ethera balaa....
C            C7      C       
Ho.............gagaa ralla bindee..........
C      F             G     Am                      C
Sudata sudee rali nanwa galaa basee handa paane eee 
Gan wathura galaa .........
C            Am             C    Dm      Am   C
Ehala pahala pada pada yana thaleta nata weee nam..//
       F     Dm        Am          G   C
Mihiri geeta aduwak na oruwa padee yaa nam...
Gan wathura galaa .......
[Verse 2]
C             Am              C   Dm       Am  C
Oru pada pada yana yana thana mihirak hamu wee nam..//
        F     Dm         Am         G    C
Kamathi nadda yann obath ennako ena waaa nam...
Gan wathura galaa .......

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