Sundarai Jeewithe (Ansathu Wee) Chords:Dasun Madushan Songs and Guitar Music

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Sundarai Jeewithe (Ansathu Wee) Song Chords

SongSundarai Jeewithe (Ansathu Wee)
Singer(s)Dasun Madushan
Time Signature4/4
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[|E  |-  |C#m  |-  |
 |B  |-  |A    |-  |]

     E        B
Sundarai jeewithe 
    A              C#m   B
Oba lagin sitinam mage
     E      B        A   
Paawune aadare... oba hamuwana 
Thurui sande...

[Inter 1]
|E  |-  |B  |-  |
|A  |E  |-  |-  |
|B  |A  |E  |-  |
|B  |A  |E  |-  |

[Verse 1]
    A         B      C#m  Abm
Oba hamu wu nimeshe eda   haa..
     A        B            E
Muwa goluwi nethin netha bala
    A          Abm      C#m 
Oba ma langata araganna sithuna eda
    A            B
Oba nopeni giya...

[Verse 2]
      A         B         C#m  Abm
Nethu piyawi re sihinen pawa   ha...
     A          B        C#m  Abm
Mata penuna oba magemai kia
     A        Abm        C#m
Sihinen ehema penunanata himi na oya
  A              C
Ansathu wee memaaa

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