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SMS Song Chords

Time Signature4/4
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[Verse 1]
Am        Em          F            G
suvadathi kolawala pemwadan liyapu kale
Am      Em          F            G
muddara alawa alawa liyum yawapu thale
Am      Em        F          G
saykale paga paga eva bedapu piume
Am    Em          F           G  
samaweyan mame na liyum denne aye

Am   Em    F        G 
ude edan hawas wena kan
Am     Em    F            G 
athe mudal satheta hidena kan
     Am            Em
athe angili redena kan
      F            G
kella nidiya ganna kan
        Am             Em           F  G
wachana rachana karana ekama kramaya SMS....

(Repeat Chords)

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