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Chandrayan Pidu Song Chords

SongChandrayan Pidu
Singer(s)Daddy and Viresh Coorey
Time signature3/4
Songwriter(s) Sankha Bopearachchi
Composer(s) Daddy
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A   Asus4  A  Asus4

[Verse 1]
Asus4      A    Asus4  A     
Sihinen vu vath na ma  dutuve
Asus4      A  Asus4  A         
Maa ge diviye andakaree
Asus4        F#m    D     
Oba gen pera naa ma kisi da
          A  Asus4  A Asus4
Hiru aga beluwe
Asus4      A  Asus4    A  
Na maa kisida hiru aga beluwe
Asus4        A   Asus4     A  Asus4         
Pethuman anduree       siravuye
          F#m      D   
Obage senehen aa...daraye
         A        E 
anthaya lebuweee... ee
Bm                         D    
Kandulel diya dahara nethagin nokedi
Gala giyee.. thanivi...
Bm                    D           E
Sisiilen muwa wu wasanthe udawu lese eee

A                            E
Chandrayan pidu kiranak sagawaala horen
A                           E  
Vaarnawath kale maage sihine obe naamen
D                        E 
Veguru e kandulel bindu viyeki semin
F#m                         A   
Oba gena aa senahasa mudu pawane redi
         D              E  
Sisilak lesin Sisilak lesin
                      A  Asus4  A Asus4        
Oba maa hata pubudu kalee....
[Verse 2]
Asus4   A   Asus4  A                    
Wasanthayai maage  dethole      
Asus4  A  Asus4    A  
Sihiwanne Obe muwa hamuvee
Asus4   F#m       D       
Kelambeela semada obageee
        A          E   
Keluman atharee... ee
E    Bm  
Apa neth getana mohothe
     D                    A
Oba maa sathu wee rahase  Age sithe nisansale
Bm                       D 
Raga dei oba desena wadanan
Yahane thaniweee......

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