Sithe Susum Niwana Gayana Chords:Clarence Wijewardena Songs and Guitar Music

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Sithe Susum Niwana Gayana Song Chords

SongSithe Susum Niwana Gayana
Singer(s)Clarence Wijewardena
Time Signature4/4
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G                  C
Sithe susum niwana gayana
    G                   D
Obe sawan soya, senekin paawena
Em             Bm
 MEdiyam reye, raguman ranga
G         D       C             G
Mathaka loke, wedana amathaka kala //

[Verse 1]
Nawum geeyak, sithata enne
rasa widinnai apa gayanen
G          F 
Asiri loke surapurak wei
D            D7    G      D  G  D  G
mathaka loke duk nima wei

[Verse 2]
Youwun wiya na, nithi rendenne
Nosithu wilasin igila yanne
G               F
Dimuthu pahanak se udawi
D              D7   G     D  G  D  G
Adnuru wee eya niwi yanne

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