Sihina Genena Oba Chords:Clarence Wijewardena Songs and Guitar Music

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Sihina Genena Oba Song Chords

SongSihina Genena Oba
Singer(s)Clarence Wijewardena
Time Signature4/4
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F              F7         Bb   Gm    C         Bb          F
Sihina Genena Oba Kawurundo... Aluth Sihinayak Mata Nahi Doo..
                    F7      Bb  Gm    C         C7          F
Supurudu. Eka Sihinema Dakala.. Sithe Sathuta Mage Atha Makila..
[Verse 1]
F               F7                Bb 
Gatha Wehesa.. Maa Yahanata Aaa Wita 
Gm        C        C7           F
Deneth wasee Yayi nodanee Maa Hata 
F        Bb         G       C - B - 
Sisilak Danee Mata eei Mohathe.......
Bb       F        C        F
Supurudu Sihinaya penei Sithee...
[Verse 2]
F               F7         Bb 
Pahadili Nathi Eka Ruwak Athee.. 
Gm                 C7      F
Sihinen Dakumata Pathum Sithee..
F       Bb   G             C - B- 
Sihinen eei ruwa daka gannaa......
Bb     F     C          F
Matath warak awasara denna...

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