Sandapaane Gaman Yanna Chords:Clarence Wijewardena Songs and Guitar Music

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Sandapaane Gaman Yanna Song Chords

SongSandapaane Gaman Yanna
Singer(s)Clarence Wijewardena
Time Signature6/8
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E  | - | A | -
E  | - | B | -
E  | - | A | F#m
E  | B | E | - 

E                       A
Sanda paane gaman yanna sawanata kondura kiyanna
E                    B   E
Oba enakan balan innado, sanda nethi da katha wenna
A              F#m       E           B        E
Mage paaluwa maka ganna, mithurek ma soyagannado

[Verse 1]
Sawana pura, mihira ura, obage gee handina da
Math une mema, mawana sina, denetha pura
                            E     E|B|A|B|E
Obage e ruwinda math une me ma..

[Verse 2]
Erabudu mal , kekulu pipi, rathu paatin wesi giya
Mata mathakai, Kowul handai , awuruddai obe sina 
                   E     E|B|A|B|E
Hadin piri giya wagei....

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