Obe Jeewithe Chords:Clarence Wijewardena Songs and Guitar Music

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Obe Jeewithe Song Chords

SongObe Jeewithe
Singer(s)Clarence Wijewardena
Time Signature4/4
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| E  | D   | B  | -  |
| D  | Bm  | E  | -  |

Chorus :
    E           A           B           E
Obe jeewithe ai paluven semada gevee yanne
                    A            B          E
Nethi doo sithe obe in midee senehe soya yanna
     B         A    E     B    E
Giya de giya sitha athithaye katha

[Verse 1]
    E   B                      E
Kawudo eda obe ridava sithum giye
     D        A        B            E
Hada wedana gena obe pethum bindi giye
               B               E
Enisa novan lande ohu peruwe hade
    D          A           B            E
Waradak novu nisa oben suwayak sithe thiye

[Verse 2]
    E           B                 E
Yahane deneth piya sitina sithum aya
    D           A            B  `       E
Soyana sene obe jeewithe kawada lebei kiya
                B                   E
Sama wu sithum obe sithana sithum lowe
     D           A          B         E
Hamu we yowun priye obe eya divayai lowe

|E  |D   |B  |-|
|D  |Bm  |E  |-|

[|E  |A  |B    |E  |]
 |B  |A  |E/B  |E  |

[Verse 1&2]
[|E  |B  |-  |E  |
 |D  |A  |B  |E  |]

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