Gamen Liyumak Awilla Chords:Clarence Wijewardena Songs and Guitar Music

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Gamen Liyumak Awilla Song Chords

SongGamen Liyumak Awilla
Singer(s)Clarence Wijewardena
Time Signature4/4
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C                    C7        F
Gamen liyumak awilla akkagen waage
Mokak kiyalada danne na
Ehe giyeth naha ne 

[Verse 1]
C             G              F              C
Pahala kumbre nil goyam real harima saru saarai
                 G           F            C
Weasi weati weaw ling pirila harima siriyawai
            F     G          G7      C
Thawath aranchi godai liyannata leajjai 

| C | - | F | G |
| F | G | C | - |
| F | - | C/Dm| G |
| C | G | C |

[Verse 2]
C               G           F             C
Gedara aya sathutin sitinne malli deakagannai
Kaalekin mehe aawe neahene
F              C
Wedath wedi hindai
              F     G
Langadi enawa nam hodai
Niwaduwa dean dean langai 

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