Amma Jeewana Uyan There Chords:Chandrasena Hettiarachchi Songs and Guitar Music

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Amma Jeewana Uyan There Song Chords

SongAmma Jeewana Uyan There
Singer(s)Chandrasena Hettiarachchi
Time Signature4/4
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Dm   C              Dm
Amma jeewana uyanthere
         C        Dm
Oba mata suwaya gene
  Dm C              Dm
Amma jeewana uyanthere
                C                Dm
Noniwee delwena pahanaki niranthare
F        Am       Dm
Oba mata suwaya gene

[Verse 1]
Dm                  F         C     Dm
Sanda wathuren nowa ruhirenma diyakota
                  F         C       Dm
Amila wu senehasa puthuta powanu meana
Am               F        Dm
Senehasa diyawee wiyalunu puthu lowa
Dm     Am      F        C      Dm
Mawni obe kiri diyen themenu mana

[Verse 2]
Dm             F          C    Dm
Kandulin ipadi kandulinma miya yana
                  F       C      Dm
Ranga madale mini panakma wenu mana
Am           F      Dm
Diwi gangawe nohimi diyamba thula
         Am        F        C      Dm
Maa thurulata gena nibada saranu mana

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