Oya Susum Pawan Wedi Chords:Chamara Weerasinghe Songs and Guitar Music

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Oya Susum Pawan Wedi Song Chords

SongOya Susum Pawan Wedi
Singer(s)Chamara Weerasinghe
Time signature3/4
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Transpose these notes, tabs and guitar chords into a different key:
|Fm  |Cm  |C#  |Fm  |
|Cm  |Eb  |Ab  |Fm  |
|-   |C#  |Eb  |Cm  |
|Eb  |Cm  |Fm  |-   |
Fm     Ab     C#     Fm
Oye  susum  pavan  wadi
Eb       Cm   Fm     
Nethu  piyan  salei  ridi

|Bb  |Ab  |Cm  |Fm  |

Bb          Ab         
Oba  golui  sithath  nidi
C#          Eb      Fm
Obava  tama matada  himi
C#          Eb      Fm
Obava  tama matada  himi

[Verse 1]
Fm         Bbm
Miriguvak  soya  gihin
Ab           Fm
Sitha gilan una tamai
Fm           Db    Fm 
Himi  natat oya  itin
Eb      Cm           Fm 
Mama  tavat  obe  langai

[Verse 2]
Fm           Bbm     
Oye  hithin  pidu pemin
Ab              Fm
Atha   dahas  ganan  pathum
Fm             C#   Fm
Oba  giyat  mage  lagin
Eb      Cm            Fm 
Mage  hithat  yanna  aran

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