Unmadani (Version 2) Chords:Bathiya and Santhush (BnS) Songs and Guitar Music

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Unmadani (Version 2) Song Chords

SongUnmadani (Version 2)
Singer(s)Bathiya and Santhush (BnS)
Time Signature4/4
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C            Dm      
Unmadini hanguna....
G                 C   (Csus4) C
Anuraaga daasin bala..
Sondurui supem lochana...
 G               C   (Csus4) C
Nesey numbey gayana..
Denuwan sewu anjana...
 F                G
Radha mage angana....

[Verse 1]
C              Dm
Mal me sugande nalawi weli
Em               Am
Mal wel gothanni wrunda wane
C                Dm
Nilwil thalawe kimidi mide..
Em         G      Am
Koidai vindinne sandea suwe
 F                C
Ran mini mewul dam bindina wele
Dm             G
Ko koida radha unmadini

[Verse 2]
 C              Dm
Gopi liyan haa yamuna there
Em              Am
awudin mulawu radha mage
C             Dm
Wassane aa mea kulu walin
Em        G      Am
Santhapa ye la poda wehune
 F               C
Ran mini mewul dam bindina wele
Dm             G
Ko koida radha  unmadiniy

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