Ada We Iru Dina Chords:Anil Barathi Songs and Guitar Music

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Ada We Iru Dina Song Chords

SongAda We Iru Dina
Singer(s)Anil Barathi
Time Signature6/8
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| F  | -  | -   | Bb  |
| -  | C  | -   | F   |
| -  | -  | -   | Bb  |
| -  | C  | Gm  | F   |

 F                           Bb
Ada we iru dina, oba hamuwewida
             C                  F
Oba ha bandi hada, ada nothewewida
Mage hada wila meda, selena olu konda
          C                        F
Ada supepiweda, mage sitha thutu wewida

[Inter 1 & 2]
| F  | -  | -  | Bb  |
| -  | C  | -  | F   |

[Verse 1]
  Bb                F
Sathiye dina hatha, gena gena mage sitha
C                                     F
Irida dina matha , mage pathum rendi atha
  Bb               F
Sanda payana thuru kumudu pipena thuru
C                      Gm             F
Mama imi nirathuru, ena irida wana thuru

[Verse 2]
 Bb                 F
Obe siyumeli watha, pana ganwai sitha
C                                   F
Patali hadawatha, samada pawathinu atha
 Bb             F
Irida dinakata, athi sahathika
C                        Gm           F
Mena bara kirumata, heki wewida kenekuta

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