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Sanda Horen Horen Song Chords

SongSanda Horen Horen
Time Signature3/4
Songwriter(s) Kularatne Ariyawansa
Composer(s) Premasiri Kemadasa
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      D     C
Sanda horen horen horen bala
D     C       D
 Wala rodhaka sanga vila
          G     C             D    C
Ape miuru pem katha asa sitinawa...a
Asa sitinawa

[Verse 1]
D                C
 Kadhulu bindu gala sande
Dm        C     D    C
 Thuru  latha pura...a
D              C
 Siyolangama salee mage
D        C     D
 Nohimi  seethale
D7           G     D  C
 Obe netha yadee...e
D       C     D
 Mahada viyaruwen

[Verse 2]
D             C
 Kiyubu wel lihee obe
Dm   C       D    C
 Maruthee selee...e
D              C
 Kopul thala geti mage
D       C     D
 Sithum sasalawai
D7         G    D  C
 Niwalanna ma...a
D    C     D
 Obe sisilasen

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  1. Hi, I really thankful for your efforts publishing guitar chords for us. Its really helpful specially when we don’t have much music knowledge to do the chords along, And also living in a another country. Thank you once again.

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