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Ra Duru Rata Me Song Chords

SongRa Duru Rata Me
Time Signature4/4
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|Cm  |Bb  |Cm   |-   |
|Cm  |Bb  |Fm   |Cm  | 
|G   |-   |-    |-   |
|Cm  |-   |-    |-   |

Cm            Eb             G    
Rae duru rata me... hima warusa... 
Fm     Bb   Cm
 seethe paluwe
Muhudu sathakin aatha deshe... 
               G  Fm   Cm
maa thani wee..ee

[Verse 1]
Cm        Fm                        Cm
Kalpana loken dahane.. sithija nimnaye
Eb              G  Fm  Cm
Aa thani yahane

[Verse 2]
Cm            Fm
Daatha venwee pem vihangun.. 
sihina thotupale
Eb              G  Fm  Cm
Raathri yame...ee

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